Engaging Student Experience

A Rich Plethora of Experiences to Treasure

Sandwiched between regular terms in the BBM program are what we call Experiential Terms. They have been designed to give distinct types of exposure to our students, based on their career aspirations.

Social Emulsion - First Intervening Summer

With their business basics, students will be on the field applying them to real-life problems. They get to undertake an internship with an organization in the social sector - an NGO, a microfinance firm, a self-help group, an environment protection group or a social start-up.

Social Emulsion
At the end of Social Emulsion, students will be able to:
  • Assimilate the social value propositions of such organizations
  • Appreciate the types of innovative structures and business models of micro-organizations
  • Comprehend the efficacy of environmental protection efforts of various green groups
  • Evaluate social impact of a social venture and empathise with the needs and desires of people at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Work on socially relevant projects making a difference to small communities in emerging economies
  • Study and develop income generation mechanisms guided by social activists and entrepreneurs

Triple Play - Second Intervening Summer

Depending on their aspiration at the time, students get to choose one of three career plays:

-Play 1: Innovation & Venture Creation - Start Your Own Enterprise -Play 2: Going Global - A Study Term Abroad -Play 3: Learn by Doing - Well-Designed Industry Internship

* Extra fee payable by the student based on the institution

Innovation & Venture Creation:

A student opting for this will have access to the following:

  • Commercial feasibility evaluation and market analysis with faculty and experts
  • Mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs
  • Assistance in creating business plans, putting them in operation and access to potential investors

Going Global

A student who selects this option will get to spend a summer term and be able to:

Going Global
  • Immerse his/her self in a rich cross-cultural experience
  • Develop a global perspective by attending International Business Events
  • Acquire foreign language skills, thus broadening his skill-set

Learn By Doing

To get a flavour of what professional life at a high-quality workplace is like, a student can elect to spend a summer working on an internship in industry, thus getting to:

  • Develop competencies in his field of specialization
  • Get tuned to the levels of professionalism and competence demanded by top firms
  • Develop professional relationships with and get guided by experienced practitioners in the specialization area

Concurrent Industrial Projects

For those who decide that their first career step is to spend a few years in industry, the Concurrent Industry Project (CIP) offers the best opportunity to hone the required skills. Students get to do an extended project, with mentorship from industry practitioners, while attending classes at GLC.

The CIP can be in the form of a Virtual Internship (working from campus) or an Externship (working in-situ) for a fixed number of hours a week.

Concurrent Industrial Projects
Sakshi Gupta

"I would like to quote Sir Benjamin franklin here, “If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.” Great Lakes follows the above said lines. It is teaching me to think out of the box, explore beyond boundaries and implement without fear. The Faculty members are the driving force behind the program. They don't just teach subjects but they actually help in overall personality development."

- Sakshi Gupta, (PGPM Class of 2016)